Complete your Associate degree
In as little as 24 months

  • Why obtain an ADN? Broaden your career outlook by obtaining your Associate's Degree in Nursing.

    Becoming a registered nurse will provide you with a vast array of career opportunities. You will be ready to earn an excellent salary and improve the lives of those in your care. The need for registered nurses is expected to grow. Now is the time to get started on this exciting career path. The fastest and most economical way to become a registered nurse is to obtain your Associate's Degree in Nursing. Once you obtain your Associates of Science Degree, you will be eligible to take the licensing exam, and become a registered nurse.

  • How do I get started?Begin by comparing accredited programs in your area.

    Begin by comparing accredited college programs which lead to an Associate's of Science Degree in Nursing. You may be able to begin taking preparatory courses within weeks. If you have completed college classes in the past, credits which you have already earned may count toward your associate's degree. You may be able to test out of course work, if you have expertise in a required subject.

    Enquire to see if your employer offers tuition reimbursement. Apply for scholarships, student loans, and grants, if needed.

  • How much time?Earn an Associate's Degree in Nursing in as little as two years and then take your licensing exam.

    Absolutely! You may be able to earn your degree even faster than that! Once you obtain your Associate's of Science Degree in Nursing, you will be eligible for the certification exam. Graduates that pass the certification exam receive their nursing license within 2 months.

    If you are unable to make a full time commitment now, begin taking one or two courses at a time. You will still be able to become a registered nurse within a few years. This will afford you with the opportunity to focus on your nursing classes and clinicals when the time comes for you to enroll in those courses.

  • Online or on campus?Consider your learning style and make the best decision for you.

    Choose whichever works best for you. Both are well recognized by colleges and employers. If you learn best in a traditional classroom setting with other students and a teacher present, then you may prefer on-campus classes. Those with more hectic schedules and do not require daily face-to-face interaction, may prefer to opt for the convenience of online classes. You will still be able to interact with your instructors and other students. Regardless of whether you enroll in online or –on campus courses, you will be spend time on campus so that you can gain experience in a nursing laboratory. When you begin clinicals, you will go to health care facilities to gain hands on experience.

  • Career options?Choose a career that fits your lifestyle with multiple options to suit your interests.

    The nursing career options that you will be prepared for are almost limitless. You may choose from employment in home, community, and facility settings. Most RNs opt to initially work in hospital settings. Hospitals offer excellent transition programs for new nurses which will enable you to gain experience and confidence in your new role as a registered nurse. Being employed in a hospital setting will provide you with many career options. You may choose to work in a specialty area of a large medical center or you may prefer working on a medical surgical unit in a small community hospital.

    Some nurses enter the profession with a clear career goal in mind. For example, you may want to work in a birthing unit, or provide care for our nation's veterans. Many nurses prefer to work in community settings. You may enjoy working with elders in a residential facility, or you may desire to provide services for individuals who experience physical or mental disabilities. Once you gain experience, you may find that home health and hospice care may be your niche. As a registered nurse you can work in a low tech environment, such as a community clinic or in a cutting edge, highly technical environment such as an organ transplant unit. Some nurses opt to provide care to seriously ill or injured children as part of helicopter transport teams. A wide array of opportunities await you. You will be prepared to enter most fields of nursing immediately; while others require that you have a year or more experience as a registered nurse.

    As a registered nurse, you will be able to choose a career which fits into your lifestyle. A wide array of scheduling options are available. Many nurses prefer to work three twelve hour shifts weekly. By choosing a three day schedule, you will be able to earn full time pay and benefits while having four days off each week. Nursing opportunities are available if you prefer a Monday to Friday workweek. You will have the option of working full time, part time, or as needed. Since patients require care twenty four hours per day, you may opt to work an evening or night shift. Those positions offer higher rates of pay than day shift positons.

  • What do I do now?Directory of Accredited Nursing Schools can help you get started.

    Take the first step. Choose a degree path. If you have questions, or would like further information: