Advance your career
In as little as 24 months

  • Why earn a MSN? A MSN may be necessary to achieving your career goals.

    As an RN, you know that some of the most exciting career opportunities require that you possess a bachelor's degree in nursing. Having a BSN can open doors to well paying, interesting jobs which afford you with opportunities to provide outstanding care for your patients. Fortunately, college programs which lead to a BSN may be completed online or on campus. You will be able to select a program which fits your schedule.

    As a busy RN you need a degree program which will provide you with opportunities to continue working, live your life, and prepare you to meet the challenges that health care administration faces. Fortunately, programs which lead to a Master's Degree in Nursing Administration may be completed online, or on campus. You will be able to select a program which fits your schedule, budget, and lifestyle.

  • How do I get started?Enroll in a program that allows you to expand your knowledge and get started soon.

    Select a program which affords you with the opportunity to earn your degree, keep working, and live your life. Check with your employer to see if tuition reimbursement is available. Explore other funding options.

    Enroll in a program which starts soon. You may begin classes within weeks if you select a college which has a rolling enrollment policy. Credit may be awarded for coursework which you have already completed. If you have expertise in a subject, you may be able to test out of a course. This will save you time and money.

  • How long will it take?The length of time varies depending on your devotion to your studies.

    That depends upon your prior level of preparation and how much time you choose to devote to your studies. If you have a hospital or Associate's Degree in Nursing it will take longer than if you are already in possession of your Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

    A wide array of programs are available. Consider taking advantage of nursing bridge programs which award credits for prior work, reduce redundancy, and save money. Many times, courses may be completed within weeks, rather than months. Since you already have hands on nursing experience, you may be able to complete the entire process online, with no further clinical experience required.

  • Online or on campus?High quality, accredited options are available to fit your learning preference.

    That depends entirely upon you. Both offer high quality programs. Graduates of online and on campus degree programs are highly sought after. Some students choose to take both types of courses.

    If you are considering taking on campus courses, find out if classes are offered at times which fit into your lifestyle. Determine if the campus is conveniently located.

    If an on campus program is not convenient, or if you have children, an online program may be perfect for you. Many students state that they are able to learn better, as working online affords them more freedom and creates less stress.

    Online college programs afford you with the opportunity to work on your classes from the convenience of your own home. You will get opportunities to interact with teachers and other students via the internet.

  • Career options?Broaden your career outlook into leadership roles with a MSN.

    You will be prepared to serve in a wide array of nursing leadership roles. You may become a nurse leader, manager, or director of nursing. Careers will be available in the private and public sector. Nurses who work in the field of nursing administration make outstanding salaries and receive excellent benefit packages.

    In addition to supervising and educating staff, you will be responsible for managing budgets and ensuring that care meets or exceeds regulatory standards. You will guide your staff in this ever-changing health care environment. As a nursing administrator, you will be involved in ensuring that your facility is prepared to cope with disasters. You will hire and evaluate staff; and be involved in utilization and risk management decisions.

  • Will a MSN advance my career?Obtaining your MSN may be essential depending on your ultimate career goals.

    Should you want to further your career, and obtain your Doctorate's Degree in Nursing, obtaining your Master's Degree in Nursing Administration is the next step towards reaching your goal. Depending upon the coursework which you complete while working toward your Master's Degree in Nursing Administration, your credits may be applied towards a doctoral degree program.

    You may choose to specialize in a particular branch of nursing administration, such as emergency nursing administration, or you may prefer to be a generalist.

  • What do I do now?Directory of Accredited Nursing Schools can help you get started.

    If you would like more information about how to start working on your Master's Degree in Nursing Administration or if you have questions: